470 days ago

Hi, iOS7 is really near and Apple has done a little revolution,
so SAF should be totally rewritten and not only updated.
Sadly if SAF will result no-compliant with iOS 7, it shall be removed from AppStore.
Old installations and the database will be active for the old users.
Really hope to be able to work soon on a SAF 2 version, or a SAF Revamped version..
Sincerely yours.

Version 17 available for download!


732 days ago

Hi Collectors! V17 is available for download!

V17 – Release notes
New Features:
- 2 new standard sets, 2 new xtRare sets, 8 new stamps on
Hall of Fame and and 5 new Puzzle sets
- New OOS Puzzleset Book
- iOS 6 compliance
- Some Puzzlesets gone Out Of Stock



V17 preview!


767 days ago

Hi collectors,
sorry for the delay about the release of the new update, we hope to be able release it ASAP.
Meanwhile a kind teaser for you…. ;-)

BlackOwl by Mateusz Ozminski

Night Hunters set by Mateusz Ozminski

Night Time by Soufiane Mengad

Skies set by Soufiane Mengad

RobberBaron by Nick Avallone

RobberBaron series set by Nick Avallone

28th Collection Awards


820 days ago

See all the details of the 28th Collection Awards ! features Stamp Art Fever!


842 days ago wrote a great case-study article about our great game! :)

Read more on…
Kumulos Backend as a Service (BaaS) success stories: How to conquer the app store using a Cloud Backend for iOS and Google Android mobile App Development by Francesco Chessari

Version 16 finally available for download!


896 days ago

Hi Collectors! Finally V16 is available for download!

V16 – Release notes
[Really sorry for the delay of this update!]

New Features:
- New Master HoF Lottery: like the main one but runs every 8h, so 3 HoF Master stamp will be assigned every day!
- 2 new standard sets, 2 new xtRare sets, 8 new stamps on
Hall of Fame
- Free random OOS HoF Master stamp on purchasing 200k
and 450k coin package (with IAPs).

- Message Board chars limit expanded from 200 to 400.

- Public Auction removed.
- HoF Master stamp price limit is now 499k coins on

27th Collection Awards


918 days ago

See all the details of the 27th Collection Awards !

Screenshots Videos

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Beginner’s Guide – FAQ

Click here to read the Beginner’s Guide (EN)

Click here to read the Beginner’s Guide (FR)
(Thanks to Diane Grebille for the translation!)


How To Get Started in StampArt Fever (FAQ)

What Is SAF?
This is a game unlike any other you can find in the App Store. First you collect stamps, then you buy, sell, and trade stamps, meet and chat with people around the world, bid in auctions, and see new and interesting artwork in the form of stamps as your collection grows. New sets of stamps are released every month!!!

How do you play SAF?
General tips:
First of all, read the beginner’s guide. If you’re using SAF or SAF Pro, touch the ‘i’ button at the top of the home page or if you’re using SAF HD on an iPad, touch ‘Help’ on the home page.
Read the “News” (“!” on the home page) regularly – at least once a day.
Take a look at the Forum every now and then – you’ll find some interesting discussions there.
Explore all of the buttons on the home page (and on the other pages, too) just to see what’s there.
If you do have specific questions about the game, ask either on the Forum (Help & Tips) or on the Chat.

“I’ve done all that, now what?”
Now you are ready to play!

1. Claim your daily system bonus mail – you’ll get a free common stamp and 4000 coins every day – new mail arrives at midnight.
2. Every day, check the Most Wanted (MW) list. You can sell any stamp you have that’s on the list, but if you have only one of a stamp on the list, you might want to keep it so you can complete your sets. If you have more than one of a stamp that’s on the MW list, be sure to sell the newest one (lowest value) – you always get the maximum value from MW.
3. Every day you get a new shop budget which varies in amount. You can sell any stamp in your collection in the shop until you reach your daily budget, but you get only a percentage of the current value of the stamps – the percentage depends on your level in the game. When you first start, you’ll get only 80% of the current value. As your level increases, every few levels you’ll get a couple more percent until at level 19 you’ll get 95% of the current value of each stamp you sell. Try to keep the stamps until they’re at least 30 days old, which is when they reach their maximum value, before you sell them in the shop.
4. You can also sell stamps in the Black Market. Like the shop, you get a new budget every day but here you get the full current value for each stamp you sell, but BEWARE! For every common stamp you sell in the Black Market you get one Black Point (BP), and for every uncommon or rare stamp you get two BP (up to a maximum of 50 BP). More BP mean more chance of a burgler stealing your stamps. If you open your collection at least once a day, the burgler won’t come. Like the shop, don’t sell the stamps here until they’re at least 30 days old. And once you get to level 8, BP will have an influence on your stamp collecting again.
5. You can sell stamps via the Message Board (MB), but mostly that’s for trading, not selling. You won’t get much interest in common stamps and really only the stamps that are hard to find will be worth selling. I’d suggest you just read the MB for a while until you get a feel for how it works.
6. There is also a MarketPlace where you can buy and sell stamps. You have to enable the MarketPlace (via IAP). You should look carefully at what prices are being asked for any stamp you might want to buy or offer for sale. Look also at the prices of other similar stamps in the same set to make sure you pay or ask a fair price.
7. Finally, there are Personal Auctions where you can auction your stamps and bid on stamps you want to buy.
8. Lastly, the easiest way to make money is to buy coins for real money in the shop via In-App-Purchase (IAP).

Now the most important thing: after all that, the best way to make progress in SAF, when you are just starting out and you have very little money, is to save up your daily coins and when you have enough, buy a blister from the shop. Take things slowly at the start. But persevere, it is well worth it – there is no other game like this one.

Other Important Questions

What is the Hall of Fame (HoF)?
There are special Limited Edition Stamps ‘Master Stamps’ and these are available in Hall of Fame sales. These sales happen about once a week on variable days and times (remember, SAF has players from many time zones around the world, so the sales need to allow for that). They are announced 1-3 days in advance on the News (exclamation mark on the home page).
Each sale is open only until the allocated number of each stamp is sold – that usually takes only a minute or less for each sale! So you have to be there when the sale opens and you have to be quick! Some of the stamps, from the first batches, are totally sold out and will not be available again (with the possible exception of “special” sales). If you look at the HoF list, you’ll see that all of them now say “Sale Close”, but some also say “Out of Stock”. The ones that don’t say “Out of Stock” will be available in the next sale (whenever it is) to those who are quick enough! So keep checking the News to find out when the next sale will open. The date and time stated will be GMT, which is the same as UK time now. If you have push notifications turned on (both in the app and in the iOS settings) and you are NOT in SAF at the time, you’ll get a push notification to alert you a couple of minutes before the sale opens. Good Luck!

What do I do if I have a problem with my game?
Send an email from Tools – Help/Support in the app or to and include your gamer name, what version (free, Pro, or HD) and what device (iPod, iPhone, or iPad) you’re using and as much information as possible about your problem.

What is the difference between the versions?
With the free version you start with 60,000 coins; with the Pro version you start with 120,000 coins; with the HD version, you start with 80,000 coins and it is for the iPad only. Each version has a separate Game Center leaderboard, but the game play is exactly the same on all versions. Of course, the stamps look much better on the HD version!

[Compiled by a number of experienced SAF players]

Press Kit

Dear Editors, we’ve created this zip archive to make it easier for you to get game’s artworks, screenshots, icons etc.

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Located in Pisa, Italy, independent Italian software developers Francesco Chessari and Nicola Pacini share a passion for crafting incredibly software for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad platforms.

Stamp Art Fever for iOS is their first game. An innovative and unique on all the AppStore collecting-board game.